Friday, August 28, 2015

night market.

In July, I saw a Facebook event titled Night Market Cleveland and the page had the following description:
Imagine a warm summer evening. The fusion of ethnic food, wares and entertainment. The enjoyment of visitors exploring the ethnic and cultural attractions of the area. Music playing while shoppers and roving food carts weave through the marketplace. Join us under the stars on Rockwell and 21st street and experience local arts, crafts, produce, food and entertainment! 
That description couldn't have been more accurate. Night Market was colorful, flavorful and cultural. I am so glad there are communities and individuals working to bring something so unique to Cleveland.

Chris and I arrived earlier in the evening and stayed until nearly 10. During that time we sampled quite a bit of food and bought a few sweet treats for breakfast the next day.

I cannot emphasize how delicious everything was. I was so full by the time we left! There were plenty of choices and we wanted to try everything. 

One of my favorite things about Night Market was how the atmosphere changed it grew darker. When we first arrived it felt very much like other open air markets I have visited in the past. However, after the sun set, it felt as though we were in a completely new place. The street was lit with hundreds of string lights and costumed performers from the CMA's Parade the Circle wandered through the crowd. The band played all night and there were other musical entertainers along the street. And despite the late evening, the night remained just as pet and family friendly as the Night Market website promised. It was a perfectly executed event!

Night Market is tonight from 5:00-11:00. If you couldn't tell, I highly recommend you check it out and enjoy these last few warm, summer nights! 

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