Meet Alexandria


My name is Alexandria, I am the marketing, slipper-wearing, brunching type of girl. I graduated from John Carroll University and now work in downtown CLE.

Why Cup of Cleveland? Because a cup is my inspiration and motivation for starting this blog. Not just any cup, a cup of the perfect cappuccino. The search for the best.

In the fall of 2012, I studied abroad in Rome. I had the world's best cappuccino every single day. When I returned to Cleveland, I began my hunt for something that could compare.

However, something very unexpected in my search for a cappuccino. In one of those coffee shops, I realized that I used to take Cleveland for granted.

As a student, it took me a few years to break out of my comfort zone and explore this new city. Today, I am so happy working and living in CLE.  There are plenty of resources, friendly people and great things to do here and I want to bring those to you!

So sit down, stay a while and enjoy a Cup of Cleveland.

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